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Entepreneur - Luiz Novak Costa - CEO
Mr.Nova 1 Enterprises ,Inc. 
My Airborne Enterprises ,Inc.

This Hair Guy is a fully-trained, certified, and professional hair stylist .Many years of experience and  been trained with some of the finest stylists from companies like Redken® and TIGI®.Specialized to cut and style in the latest trends and techniques. Can produce the newest and most exciting hairstyles. All of the basics are also covered —shampoo and conditioner treatments, hair extensions, highlights, Brazilian Keratin,Japanese straightening and coloring.

Hair Extensions Highly-trained technician also can provide exceptional expertise in hair extensions. Whether a client needs micro links, extentubes, beads, or locks, they can walk in and out of our salon with confidence.
Call today to find out more about all hair services and to request an appointment.


My Vision

First Important step to your personal image  success:

​your Consultation !!!


You should  find out more about This unique approach and products or if you have already decided to commit to the system and treatments to transform your hair, your look.

It will begin with a complementary consultation to determine exactly which approach is uniquely right for you.You will quickly notice the careful steps taken to share all the facts with you. There will be no tension, and no pressure; Everything  suggested or done will be in your best interest. You will learn how to care for your hair and how to use the Care System products suggested for you. Please remember that if you are willing to commit to using and maintaining the suggested System, you will get consistent results.


It’s a commitment worth making with yourself, for your hair and for your personal image.

Luiz Novak Costa


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